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You visit your dentist once a year. If you wear dentures, it's a good idea to visit your denturist annually as well. It's not just the dentures that get examined but a patient's overall oral hygiene.

Just because you wear dentures doesn’t mean you can avoid the dreaded annual check-up. In fact, people who wear full dentures, an annual or bi-annual check-up with a denturist is even more important. In an annual denture cleaning, there are two things I check for: the dentures themselves and the oral hygiene of the patient.


So, what do I usually cover in an annual check-up?

First, the dentures are given a good cleaning. The denturist will check for stains, chips, cracks and get rid of the plaque. Dentures are cavity free, but nothing escapes plaque.

Next, they’ll check your denture bite to make sure that everything is aligned or hasn’t worn down. The denturist is checking to see how evenly your teeth close together both at the front and at the sides.

Finally, there is a thorough examination of your mouth and gums. Sores and tissue inflammation can easily go unnoticed when wearing dentures. Early detection can help minimize shrinkage of supporting bone and tissue, which actually support your dentures.

Good oral hygiene is critical for denture wearers. The tissue in your mouth and the muscle around your jaw change over time and will affect the fit of the dentures. And if it’s a loose fit, not only can a patient not eat properly and enjoy life, but they can make a small problem worse.  If it’s been a while since you last saw a denturist, then give me a call and let's get started. Just like your dentist, we like to see you once a year as well. 


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