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Allan Delsaut Denture Clinics in Sudbury and Sturgeon Falls

View just a few of the beautiful transformations made possible with dentures and implants by Allan Delsaut. Imagine the possibilities for your smile! Visit us in Sudbury or Sturgeon Falls and begin your journey to a brand new smile today.

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I have a high profile job, so my smile is extremely important to me. Allan gave me a same–day solution, and 20 years later... it′s still going strong.

smiling old woman with dentures

Guess my age. Seriously. I′m 85 years young! Everything changed when I saw Allan – he doesn′t just do teeth, he gives you back hope and happiness. Just look at me now!

old woman with dentures

Allan not only gave me implants, he brought back my confidence. He also did implants for my mother in her 90′s, and she loves them!

happy couple with dentures

My husband and I agree: Allan is not only very nice, he is very precise. Nobody ever took so many measurements of our mouth before Allan. He explains to you what′s going on in your oral health and we really like that about him.

happy couple with dentures

Allan and his team take great care of us. We love the smiles we get when we come for our annual check-up.

old woman with dentures

Whether it′s a grin or smile, you want it to be nice. I went to a reunion this afternoon – and it didn′t stop me from smiling. I love it!

old woman with dentures

When my dentures were always bothering me, Allan recommended implants. I′ve now had them for 11 years, and they were the best choice I ever made.

old woman with dentures

Before Allan, I couldn′t chew properly and my mouth hurt. Now, I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Food has never tasted so good.

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