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Denture Repair in Sudbury and Sturgeon Falls

When you encounter problems with your dentures, wear and tear, or breakage, you need efficient and quick help. At Allan Delsaut Denture Clinics, we fix and reline all kinds of dentures at our own facility. We understand that broken dentures can almost make your life come to a halt with no proper alternative for eating, drinking, speaking and socializing. In most cases, we are able to fix and restore dentures the same day without any excessive delay. Reach out to us for all your denture repair needs in Sudbury and Sturgeon Falls.


Rebasing or relining might be suggested when the teeth of your denture structure are still in acceptable condition and have not deteriorated in contrast with the denture base material. Rebasing is the way towards replacing the whole acrylic denture without tampering with the structural teeth.


A number of situations can result in deformed or broken dentures and ought to be tended to right away. Repairs can reestablish a cracked or harmed denture near to its previous condition. We provide all kinds of repair services, including cleaning and ensure you get your denture back as quickly as possible.


After the loss of your teeth, your gums and bones will continue to shrink, more at the beginning and less during the rest of your life.

At Allan Delsaut Denture Clinics, we take a precise impression utilizing your present denture and remake the inside of your denture using the same material to maintain its integrity. Relining changes just the fit of your denture and won't change the look or treat any other problem with the denture, yet it will reestablish your comfort and happiness.

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Common Reasons for Denture Repairs

Dentures are subject to wear and tear over time, and there are several common reasons why they may require repair. Here are some of the most frequent issues that may necessitate denture repair:


  • Fractures and breakage: Dentures can break or fracture due to accidents, dropping them, or biting down on hard objects. Repairing these fractures is essential for maintaining the functionality and appearance of the dentures.

  • Wear and tear: Regular use of dentures can lead to wear and tear, especially on the denture teeth. Over time, this can cause the dentures to become loose or uncomfortable. Repairing or relining the dentures can restore their fit and comfort.

  • Poor fit: Changes in the shape of the jawbone and gums can cause dentures to become loose or ill-fitting. Relining the dentures can improve their fit and prevent discomfort.

  • Discolouration: Dentures can become stained or discoloured over time, affecting their appearance. Professional cleaning and polishing can help restore the dentures' original colour and appearance.

  • Damage to denture base: The acrylic base of dentures can become damaged due to various factors, such as improper cleaning or storage. Repairing the base can help maintain the integrity of the dentures.


By addressing these common issues promptly, you can ensure that your dentures remain functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Benefits of Same-Day Denture Repair in Sudbury

At Allan Delsaut Denture Clinics, we understand the inconvenience and discomfort that broken or damaged dentures can cause. That's why we offer same-day denture repair services to our patients in Sudbury and Sturgeon Falls. Here are some benefits of choosing same-day denture repair:


  • Convenience: With same-day denture repair, you don't have to wait days or weeks for your dentures to be fixed. You can have your dentures repaired quickly, allowing you to resume your normal activities without interruption.

  • Minimal downtime: Broken or damaged dentures can significantly impact your daily life, making it difficult to eat, speak, and socialize. Same-day denture repair minimizes downtime, ensuring that you can return to your routine as soon as possible.

  • Quality repairs: Our skilled denturists are experienced in repairing all types of dentures. They use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that your dentures are repaired to the highest standards.

  • Cost-effective: Same-day denture repair can be more cost-effective than replacing your dentures entirely. By repairing your existing dentures, you can save money and avoid the expense of purchasing new ones.

  • Personalized service: Our team at Allan Delsaut Denture Clinics provides personalized care and attention to each patient. We understand the importance of your dentures and strive to provide you with the best possible service.


If you require denture repair in Sudbury or Sturgeon Falls, don't hesitate to contact Allan Delsaut Denture Clinics. Our skilled team is here to help you restore your smile and confidence.

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