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Partial Dentures Solutions in Sudbury and Sturgeon Falls

Partial dentures are also called “removable partial denture prostheses” or “partials,” and tend to be used when just a few teeth are missing. Partial dentures are made up of one or more artificial teeth held in place by clasps that fit onto nearby natural teeth. You can take the partial denture out yourself for cleaning at night. Allan Delsaut Denture Clinics have been treating their patients in Sudbury and Sturgeon Falls with impeccably made partial dentures for years now.

We will plan your partial denture replacement with the goal that your appearance is restored to your desired standard while taking into consideration that your chewing, talking ability, and digestion are not affected. Metal partials are commonly favoured over acrylic dentures because of their hygiene and superiority. We will discuss with you the differences between metal and acrylic partial and the pros and cons of each solution during our visit.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures help by:


Restricting movement of existing teeth to avoid their wear and tear

Allowing you to chew food fully

Improving digestion

Making it easier to converse and talk freely

Restoring lost confidence

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Looking for Reliable Partial Dentures?

We provide you with quality dentures and related services.

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