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Dentures - like our mouth - come in all shapes and sizes so each set of dentures has to be moulded for a perfect fit. The two most common denture types on the market are Standard and Premium dentures. Read on for a full description of each type of denture.

The two most common full denture types on the market are Standard and Premium dentures.


Standard dentures 

Standard Dentures may fit comfortably and chew well, but are designed for the average patient using basic tooth shades and shapes. Standard dentures may function well for some but certainly not for all cases. If you have any unusual conditions in your jaw such as:


shrinkage of your jaw bone and tissue,

extreme overbite,

extreme underbite or

a crossbite or if your dentures are more than 10 years old you may have a more difficult time wearing Standard Dentures.

Whichever type of denture that is decided for you, our goal is to give you the maximum fit and comfort so you can smile and eat with total confidence! We will consult with you and help determine your denture needs, while making recommendations for your oral condition.


Precision Dentures

Precision Dentures use an instrument that will measure your jaw and face to reproduce the movements and help set up an accurate and natural tooth formation specific to you. Using these and other techniques, the shape of your face and lips are restored as well as making the fit of the dentures more accurate. Only premium quality teeth and premium quality acrylic are used in our precision dentures.


Oftentimes, premium dentures are the most effective solution as they last longer, wear better, and offer a higher quality of fit and function, making them the superior choice for people who don’t want regular visits to their denturists’ office. 


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